Wichita offers a complete line of air actuated clutches and brakes including:
Air Tube Disc Clutches and Brakes, Tension Brakes (High Heat Capacity), Standard Vent Clutches, High speed "Mistral" Brakes, Wichita Magnum Tension Brake, and Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings.
The Wichita Kopper-Kool clutches and brakes represent the ultimate design for high heat dissipation in the most rugged of tensioning applications. Torque levels are in direct proportion to air pressure providing an accurately controlled continuous slip action.
The Wichita Standard Vent Combination Clutch-Coupling is designed for reliable in-line power transmission. The simple air-tube design, with small air volume, speeds engagement and disengagement. It is unaffected by centrifugal force and has no self-energization like drum clutch designs. Ideally suited for large inertia loads where smooth controlled starts are needed.
The new Wichita "Mistral" air-operated tension brake for corrugator mill-roll-stands that delivers excellent tension control at speeds up to 1,140 feet/min. is now available. Developed to meet design requirements of the most advanced high-speed corrugating machinery, the new brake can also upgrade the speed and performance of existing machinery in the field. Compatible with the Micro Controller and other Tension Controls.
A new six-page, four-color catalog, No. WIC-012, covering the totally new air-actuated Wichita Magnum tensioning brake that features new concepts in both internal and external design is now available. The new brake provides a continuous, variable braking torque
 needed for precise control over web tension in converting operations, including slitting, coating, laminating, printing, and packaging. Compatible with Micro Controller and other Tension Controls.
Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings deliver reliable smooth power transmission. To consistently deliver, we select only from the highest quality materials. Our manufacturing and product assembly are completed under the most exacting guidelines and established procedures. The result is unquestioned consistent product dependability.

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