Modular Gear System - The Key to Value

The MGS, or Modular Gear System developed by Stöber design engineers is the foundation to this new line of products. It is comprised of interacting, highly engineered components such as: shaftrs, gears, housing, input and output flanges, motors, etc. This modular approach benefits you in three important ways:

Wide Selection

The MGS modular concept lets us deliver thousands of sizes, styles, and mounting configurations. A vast selection that you can choose from to meet your exact gear needs.


This modularity combined with advanced assembly techniques lets us build, fully test and deliver a custom-built drive in just hours...not weeks,


Components for the MGS line of products and produced in large, very cost-efficient quantities. This savings is passed on to you in a finished product that never compromises quality - and always maximizes value.

PTS is your source for these quality Stöber drives.

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