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Powerful, Reliable Performance
The NEXTDRIVE drives are capable of delivering 200% of full load torque for up to 3 seconds and 150% of full load for a full minute. This robust power means the capability to start heavy loads.

The NEXTDRIVE drives offer a wide range of speed control (up to 100:1 turn-down ratio) for precise control in a broad variety of applications.
With standard power dip ride-through, the NEXTDRIVE can even operate reliably during brown-outs for maximum productivity.

Bronco AC

Warner Electric's Motors and Controls Division has introduced its BRONCO® AC Motor Controller, an industrially-hardened AC adjustable frequency drive for control of AC induction or synchronous motors rated at 1/8 through 1 HP.

This rugged volts-per-hertz drive is ideally suited for conveyors, mixers, pumps, fans and general machinery. Simple potentiometer control makes it easy to set user defined adjustments such as acceleration, deceleration, forward/reverse and jog. The drive has a 100 percent continuous duty output current rating, and a 150 percent rating for 30 seconds. It is immune to most EMI/RFI noise sources found on industrial AC incoming power lines.

Bronco DC

Compact, rugged, and reliable, the Bronco line offers many great features:


Mentor M4000

M4000 is a fully digital, programmable microprocessor based DC drive.

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