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Banner Engineering has an extensive line of photoelectric sensors and accessories. Here are just a few of the models and styles available at PTS, your Banner stocking distributor.

MINI-BEAM - Available in both AC and DC models and in all sensing modes (opposed, convergent, divergent, retroreflective, diffuse, and fiberoptic), Mini-Beams offer superior performance in a small package with sensing ranges until now found only in larger units. PTS is your stocking wharehouse for Mini-Beams.

MULTI-BEAM - The industrial workhorse for many years, Multi-Beam sensors are modular self contained photoelectric switches. Each sensor consists of three components: scanner block, power block, and logic module.

At Power Transmission Specialties, we stock a wide variety of all Multi-Beam components.

OMNI-BEAM - The Banner Omni-Beam family includes six sensor lines: the Standard line, the Q45 Series, the Analog Series, the field-bus compatable Q45X Series, the NAMUR Series, and the Sonic Omni-Beams. Call for price and availability.

These are just a few of the Banner sensors we carry here at PTS. Call us for all of your photoelectric sensor needs.

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